The crumbling castle of can’t

A Wee Ginger Dug speaks what is in my mind

Wee Ginger Dug

Go home Yes supporters. Let’s stick our heads under the duvet and give up. It’s all over, we’ve lost, we’ve been trounced and humiliated and everybody hates us … Meanwhile in other news from the same dystopian universe, immigrants give you cancer, benefits claimants are dishonest cheating wastrels to a man and woman, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are the voices of common sense, and Scotland only wants independence because we hate the English. Welcome to Ukmedialand.

A recent opinion poll has been published that seemingly shows a fractional increase in the gap between Yes and No, and it’s proof positive that the only person in Scotland who is going to vote Yes is the guy with the blue painted face and the jimmy wig whose photie is always used to illustrate articles on independence. But we must not take that too seriously, the photo that is, the poll is…

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