The complete and utter destruction of Gaza and its residents is a sin against humanity and a crime comparable with any massacre (or holocaust, if you prefer) in the history of the world. The United Nations stand idle as the Security Council “support Israels right to defend itself”. How can this crime be excused ? How can we allow our political leaders to mumble incoherently in support of this murdering of children, women and the aged Palestinians among the victims of Israeli war crimes ? Do Palestinians not have the right to defend themselves ? Have we become so conditioned by the media and government propaganda that infants and old women are now the perpetrators of terrorism ?

I am not a believer in any god. I am not a believer in any philosophy that can stand idly by while children are murdered in my name by the implicit support given to Israel by my government(s). I cannot understand how Muslims can claim their religion is one based on compassion and sit on their hands; nor can I understand how Christians, who claim their religion is based on love (love thy neighbour as thyself?) can stand idle; And how can Buddhists, whose whole ideology is based on mindfulness, respect for all living creatures and the principle of ‘live and let live’ look the other way while this slaughter is carried out ?

None of it makes sense to me. I am not one to lead protests of any kind – much more used to following others who take what I consider to be the best approach to subjects that anger or annoy me – but it is now time for me to make a stand.

My name is Johnny, I live in Australia and I support Gaza


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